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Book reviews (Dutch, English), Geography, History and Biology

Stop motion animations (Group 4, 5 and 6)
Children will create animated stories making pictures of their drawings and real life objects. They could for example tell a story how apples grow.
Programming animations (Group 4, 5 and 6)

Children will learn how to draw objects digitally and program them to move in response to an event (touch, scroll, collision, etc).

In this way they can create animation about relevant topics they are currently learning.

We either use Pocket Code, Scratch jr or Scratch depending on computers / tablets availability at the school.

Programming animations with JavaScript (Group 7 and 8)
This activity challenge children to fully tell a story digitally about a topic of interest. They will drawing their own object and animate them using JavaScript.

Math, Geometry and Science

Drawing with JavaScript (Group 5 and 6)

Children will learn how to draw, color and animate shapes using the JavaScript programming language.

They could draw a bee flying from a flower back to the beehive for exa

Creating your own game with JavaScript (Group 7 and 8)
Children will learn how to use the HTML5 canvas and create 2D games. We really love to challenge children in creating educational games for their younger peers. Like learning letters, count, do simple sums or learning vocabulary.
First Lego League Coaching (Group 7 and 8)
We can coach one or more teams to compete on the annual First Lego Legue

Arts and Crafts

Drawing and digital drawing (Group 4 to 8)
In all our programming activities drawing is central, whether they are creating stop motions animations, or designing their robots or programming games, children will draw objects, characters and landscapes.
Tinkering with technology (Group 5 to 8)
Children will create mini robots and machines playing with electric components and other materials. They will learn how to create a basic electric circuit. We will also explore what is inside broken toys and recycle some of the components for our robots.
Build your own website (Group 8)
Children will learn how to create a personal, family or club website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Site will be interactive and information can be saved in a Database.

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*Max 10 children depending on hardware availability at school

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